Saturday, February 14, 2015

Finally, a Sugar Scrub we can call our own.

After extensive experimentation, Radha has made a sugar scrub she is satisfied with. It removes dry skin cells, and invigorates the underlying healthy skin. Healthy skin that is exfoliated will stimulate blood flow to the surface of the epidermis and help prevent skin irritation at the elbows, knees, and particularly the heels and balls of the feet.  

If this was our only objective, we would have created a product months ago. Radha, wanted a scrub that would exfoliate, and moisturize without leaving a greasy residue. The organic mango butter we use in the emulsification process to create our scrub is how our scrub leaves the skin soft, clean and smooth. As we all know, water and oil don't mix. An emulsification process keeps the oil in water (and water in oil) droplets stable. Now, when we combine the aforementioned mango butter, other organic oils and butters, and other ingredients we produce an emulsified sugar scrub that leaves the skin healthy and invigorated. Radha uses the scrub weekly as a facial scrub, as well. Apply gently on the face with a circular massaging motion. It is extraordinarily refreshing!

Our Sugar Scrub ( lavender essential oil combined with frankincense and myrrh fragrance oil producing a fragrance that is warm and soothing.