Sunday, November 30, 2014

Which Soap is right for me?

11/30/2014 12:32:11
Which soap is right for me?
The best soap for your skin depends - on your skin. Our two primary objectives for our soaps is to 1) cleanse, and 2) moisturize. All of our soaps have ingredients specifically designed to do both of these in different proportions. For example, our Lavender Tea Tree has moisturizing ingredients (African shea butter, coconut oil), however I categorize it as a deeply cleansing because of its astringent ingredients (tea tree oil, activated charcoal). We recommend Lavender Tea Tree for individuals with skin that contains or produces high oil content [athletes, teens, peoples from Mediterranean countries etc.]. On the other hand, our goat milk blends have cleansing and exfoliating properties, but are highly moisturizing because of the goats milk.  For example, the oatmeal in our Oatmeal Honey, is ground to a specific consistency so that you feel the exfoliation without being abrasive. 
So, to make a long story longer, I suggest:


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